Mark Mays experienced hearing loss starting at a young age due to ear infections and childhood illnesses. He was often told he wouldn't be able to achieve his goals in life. He was bullied, and told he would not do well in school.

Despite this, Mark went on to excel in sports at the high school and college level, earn an undergraduate degree from the University of Toledo and a Master's degree in education administration from the University of Dayton. He has spent more than 30 years teaching and coaching, and is currently teaching physical and life science at Troy Christian School in Troy, Ohio, and coaching basketball and football there.

Mark attributes his personal success to a positive mindset and prioritizing four areas: communication, self control, inspiration and grit.

He enjoys sharing his story with the hope that it will encourage others to view their own obstacles not as setbacks but as motivation to reach their goals. If you're interested in scheduling a speaking engagement with Mark, contact us.

Learn more about Mark at his website, Motivation Strong.