Dewey L. Foster

Dewey L. Foster serves as Chaplain at the Lucas County Jail in Toledo, Ohio. There, he shares a message of hope, encouragement and God’s love to many who may not realize that God has a plan, a purpose and a destiny for everyone. Dewey has over 30 years of experience in direct sales, sales management and business ownership. As Founder and President of Covenant Sales Group LLC, he emphasizes customer service and relationship building based on the core values of integrity, professionalism and Godly character.

At first glance, these two vocations may not seem to be connected – that is, until you understand Dewey’s story. He is a former University of Toledo football player, a walk-on, who earned a scholarship. He earned a degree in Psychology and Business from Ohio University, graduating with honors. He coached football at Toledo Libbey High School and speaks to a variety of people in business environments, institutions, rehabilitation facilities and college classrooms.

Dewey’s life experiences include time spent as multi-sport athlete, class vice president, football captain, sales manager and business owner – and a cocaine addict. When he evaluates his accomplishments, the greatest is deliverance from cocaine. Dewey describes his journey “to Hell and back” in a concise and truthful manner, including the good, the bad and the ugly. Those who hear his story internalize his pain, as well as his hope.

Dewey goes beyond describing the cycle and symptoms of addiction; he insists upon examining the root causes – and solutions. Because of his history, he is especially passionate about serving fellow athletes who find themselves caught in a downward spiral. He does so in group presentations as well as one-on-one encounters and mentoring.

Dewey is eager to follow God’s instruction to share his experience, strength and hope with others in their time of need. Freedom is part of God’s covenant.

Dewey is active in The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), where he served as Chaplain for Rogers High School Football Team. He serves as Vice Chairman on the Board of Directors for Focus Federal Credit Union. He also sits on the Board of Directors for Acts 2 Ministries, where he serves as head of the Marketing Committee. Dewey is married to Sheila Foster, and they live in Toledo, Ohio.

Dewey speaks about his personal experience with addiction, recovery and faith. Topics covered can include:

  • Symptoms vs. root causes of addiction
  • Spiritual deliverance
  • Life skills
    • Financial planning
    • DNA-based nutrition
  • Domestic violence
  • Athletes’ relationships: with themselves, family, women, children, and society
  • Special topics for jail/prison ministry